Undue Hardship Exception

QUESTION: What is the undue hardship exception?

ANSWER: Undue hardship is what you must prove in order to forgive your student loans. Undue hardship involves three things. First, you must have no money left over each month to repay your student loans. Second, your money problems must show no signs of getting better in the future. Third, if you ever had extra money, you used it to repay your student loans.

Click here to read the actual text of the law about student loan forgiveness.

Types of Student Debts that can be Discharged in Oregon Bankruptcy CourtUndue Hardship Exception and the Brunner Test

Oregon courts use the Brunner test to prove undue hardship. Click here to learn more about the Brunner test. Take the student loan quiz to see if you may qualify to wipe out your student loans in Oregon bankruptcy court.

Undue Hardship Exception

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